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POSTED BY: Pro-Found
DATE: 03.16.2012
SUBJECT: Is there a Senior Driver in your Family?
PHONE: 877-417-7744
LOCATION: Newark, New Jersey United States
PRICE: $1.80

ICE Keytags Save LivesIs there a Senior Driver in Your Family? 


How can you be assured you are notified promptly if they were involved in an accident?  How can you know EMS responding to an accident scene involving a loved one will know their current medical situation?


The I.C.E. Keytag presents a Solution to this Critical Need.


The acronym for "In Case of Emergency" is highlighted on the front of all our tags, signaling EMS when they reach for the keys to turn off the ignition.  On the back of each tag, there is a place to write in an Emergency Contact number.  The information is readily available to EMS personnel whether you are in a car or experience any other critical emergency and have your keys with you. 


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Our EMS Info Form is available as a free download from our web site. It contains life-saving information to help you when you can't provide it verbally.  The "ICE Dot" is a removable window decal EMS easily recognize.


The ICE Dot Removable Window DecalEMS Info Form is a FREE Download from our Site


We want an ICE Keytag on every keychain, an EMS info form in every glovebox and medicine cabinet and an ICE Dot on every car window. 


To purchase an ICE Keytag for yourself or a loved one, visit our web site  and Take 10% Off Everything in the ICE Keytag store when you enter the code ME101 at checkout.


Email us at for advertising opportunities on the front of ICE Keytags or if your Non-profit Organization has a Fundraising Need.

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